Ok haha Hi (Kimi)

Okie doke. Quick posts from here on out cuz schools a pain in the butt >.<. Yeah, i dont get on my pc much anymore. Probably won’t be able to make once a week. Sorry about the super lateness. 0~0 Ok hahahaha bai.

Original creds to their original makers + creds to me for edit

tye-n-dye with astarte aqa tye-n-dye with astarteblnd tye-n-dye with astartebrwn tye-n-dye with astartegrn tye-n-dye with astarte


Say Hi (Kimi)

Say hi to my new lovely!~ Hikari. Remember, I’m still accepting applications! Also, thanks for 7.5k+ views guys!! Today, I have some head mashups. Face by mimi, hair by jessie, and the mashing of the up by moi (Kimi). Quick post because school is a butt with homework. New theme + music (on the right side of the page). Ok here ya go:

black blonde brown pink pinkish white red


My final show of apology~ Kimi

Hi hi! Kimi here. So, as an apology to you guys, I have decided to post heads and bodies that look like me. In case you haven’t seen me, that’s what I look like (on graal of course) ~~~~~V


By ” look like me” I mean pale, and……ghostly? I dunno that’s what people are always saying. They’re all “So Bright” “You’re so white” “Are you an angel?”. But anyway, alot of people have asked me to post stuff like this and I’ve decided to grant the wishes I have ignored for so long. I came up with this idea when I first saw missesdolly! My. Freaking. Idol. Who has sadly quit. v.v But, Bri is still posting and she is also amazing. Therefore, CREDS TO MISSESDOLLY AND BRI! Now, please remember to give credit to me too. I was only able to make one so far. I’ll post more later.

Original Creds to:

~ Missesdolly & Bri (head)

~ Mimi (head)

~ Sophie (body)

Edit Credit:
~ Kimi (editing head and body)

braided doll colla kimi

~ Kimi

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack ~

I know, I know, ya’ll hate me and stuff. I didn’t even put my goodbye note on this site. But,

I’ll be making a comeback of sorts. More editing, less recoloring!! I solemnly swear on my favorite anime series’: Black Butler, Fairy Tail, and Vampire Knight. Anyhow, as the world’s biggest liar, I lied about leaving and quitting and crud. In truth, I was just taking an abrupt, extended break because:
1. My grades were going down
2. Gfx was getting boring
3. I had finals to worry about

Idk when I’ll start reposting since I wiped my computer clean…of everything. But!! I do know that I will be posting once every TWO weeks. Because, taking all honors classes is hard you know?

I am taking co-admin applications….again. I only play classic now.

Send me an email answering the following questions w/ your portfolio to:


1. What is your exact name on Graal? (Please note that I do not have zone)

2. What kind of GFX will you be posting? What is your style of GFX?(ex.sexy, cute, sporty, etc.)

3. What Graal GFX blogs do you follow?

4. Which game do you play most?

5. Can you manage 1 post every week? Remember this is only an edit blog, but if you make original work it’s only 1 post every 10 days.


Edit Artists:
• 2 edited head(include original template)
• 2 edited bodies (include original template)

Original Artists:
• 1 original head
• 1 original body

~ Kimi

P.S. I deleted all my posts on Kaire’s site.


So yeah. Some recolors + the fact that my butt hurts. I fell down the stairs in school today -.- It ain’t fun. Anywho, sorry ’bout the weird title. Nothin’ much to say today. I gots me lots of math to do. Here’s a ton of recolors w/ minor edits in them (added thicker eyelashes) all by Lucy or Sophie. Mmk hugs, kisses ba-bye. Wait no, I do have somthing to say!! I ain’t gon’ finish that header that i was gonna make. You can blame my lazy aching butt. K. Kimi out my peasant ducks.

~ Do NOT set transparency

~ Original creds to Sophie

~ Give me credit for the edit!

~ Read the Uploading Rules!

Black Hair:

blue brown cyan faded pink mint pale sky blue purple red yellow


Blond Hair:

blue brown cyan faded pink mint pale sky blue purple red yellow


Brown Hair:

blue brown cyan faded pink mint pale sky blue purple red yellow


Red Hair:

blue brown cyan faded pink mint pale sky blue purple red yellow

P.S. I’ll be posting every Wednesday. If you want one of those head up there in a different color shoot me a pm with a specific color. To the girl who asked for me to index a body, I’m sorry. I can’t do it at the moment. My apologies. It might be finished at a later date tbd.


Boom Baby

Random fact: I’m obsessed with the cup song. First of, the previews I showed some timeago will not be finished. >.< Now I feel like like anytime I show a preview I never end up finishing o.O I must be jinxing it by doing that. Anywhale (i sound like Mimi now o.O) here are the recolors + some old custom set + my draft for the header.
Bodiy Recolors:
~ Do NOT set transparency


~ Give me (Kimi) credit for the edit + Xavier for originally making it

Photo Mar 31, 10 28 47 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 33 46 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 35 02 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 35 53 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 36 21 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 36 45 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 37 23 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 37 38 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 37 54 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 39 12 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 39 44 PM Photo Mar 31, 10 40 03 PM

Head Recolors:
~ Do NOT set transparency


~ Give me (Kimi) credit for the edit + Xavier for originally making it

purple brown teal pink blue orange aqua green yellow red

Old Custom Set I uploaded, but then refunded:

~ Do NOT set transparency


Head creds: Original to Cutie Bear for base, and Lucy for bangs + Kimi (me) for edit!!!

Bod creds:Original to CMX + Kimi (me) for edit!!!

emo bod cutie bear edit

La di dah

I apologize for all the crappy posts lately I’ve just been swamped with homework, tests, and all that fun stuff. I am also OUT OF IDEAS!!!! Grrrrr, it’s the most maddening thing that could possibly happen to me. Wait no, I take that back. The most maddenning thing that could happen to me is someone stealing credit for my work/edit. Speaking of which, will you guys please tell the idiots that steal CMX’s(Clove, Melissa, and Xavier) work to go fall in a hole and die?But on a happier note, here are some customs I was gonna upload but then decided not to cuz it looked too ordinary. Also included is a new collection of bangs. Wow, I’m really obssessed with bangs aint I? And regarding the earlier previews, don’t worry I’m working on those too. Although I may give you something else instead of the scratch head…

~Check Uploading Rules!

~ Give me Credit for the Edit!

~ Do NOT set transparency for anything

Original creds to Xavier (body) and Latte (head):

emo bodemo head

Original creds to Mimi(head) and Vanessa(headband):

1 blue green orange pink purple red yellow

1 blue green orange pink purple red yellow

~Kimi (foreverpixels.wordpress.com)