Omg Woah (Kim to the I)

So first of all:No, this is not a comeback.

Second of all, here’s a summary for all you lazy ass hoes:

– I will not make any more edits on a “continuous basis” (if that wasnt obvious enough, I mean just look at the dates)

– Idk if Hikari wants to keep this thing going but HIKARI IF YOU’RE READING THIS FEEL FREE TO CHANGE STUFF AND KEEP THIS GOING (just don’t delete me from the admins because… who knows? I migh t wanna do a random edit)

– I’ll drop into Graal sometimes maybe to see what’s happening, but other than that I’ll be mostly MIA

– Don’t bug me in graal if I don’t respond to your comments on the site or your pms about gfx

– ——>I’m not taking requests <—-

Sorry to dissapoint lovelies >~< I guess some of ya’ll won’t believe me but this is seriously the end. Actually it was the end around my last post which was I don’t even remember when O.o But yeah truth be told I’m a fresh fishy freshman no matter what I said before and wow ive been on graal and gfx a long time and this is the official stop to my weekly contributions to foreverpixels which is kinda a waste considering the views and popularity of this site has completely skyrocketed since the time i left. I won’t be making edits anymore… for real this time.  well actually i might drop in from time to time… maybe.


Kimi kim kim

Ps: Here’s a poll for ya’ll
*insert poll here when I open my laptop*

***presently loling @ all my spelling errors. sorry guys i was doing this from my phone


omg im posting likee hi lol – Harii

okay so hi! its a miracle that im posting omg im back bbyss im back from the deaddd

i havent contacted Kimi in a longg time :c 


okay so moving on i got some headssss!

ill be posting some bodehs next week maybe

dont set transparency owo

idk who edited this head i think it was Kelsey lol

butt half of the credit goes to LUCYYYY ( i love her gfx i could literally die over it )

okie imma go curl up in a ball and cry about Philippines and Japan :c

just to let you know the heads come in two different colors ~Goth & Neon~ 

okie bai bbys



~ Hikareh

Ok haha Hi (Kimi)

Okie doke. Quick posts from here on out cuz schools a pain in the butt >.<. Yeah, i dont get on my pc much anymore. Probably won’t be able to make once a week. Sorry about the super lateness. 0~0 Ok hahahaha bai.

Original creds to their original makers + creds to me for edit

tye-n-dye with astarte aqa tye-n-dye with astarteblnd tye-n-dye with astartebrwn tye-n-dye with astartegrn tye-n-dye with astarte