La di dah

I apologize for all the crappy posts lately I’ve just been swamped with homework, tests, and all that fun stuff. I am also OUT OF IDEAS!!!! Grrrrr, it’s the most maddening thing that could possibly happen to me. Wait no, I take that back. The most maddenning thing that could happen to me is someone stealing credit for my work/edit. Speaking of which, will you guys please tell the idiots that steal CMX’s(Clove, Melissa, and Xavier) work to go fall in a hole and die?But on a happier note, here are some customs I was gonna upload but then decided not to cuz it looked too ordinary. Also included is a new collection of bangs. Wow, I’m really obssessed with bangs aint I? And regarding the earlier previews, don’t worry I’m working on those too. Although I may give you something else instead of the scratch head…

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~ Do NOT set transparency for anything

Original creds to Xavier (body) and Latte (head):

emo bodemo head

Original creds to Mimi(head) and Vanessa(headband):

1 blue green orange pink purple red yellow

1 blue green orange pink purple red yellow

~Kimi (


Math benchmarks today. Not fun. But other than that…Happy 1k views!!! Here’s my posts from last week on Kaires site and todays post! Green/Purple bangs coming soon!!


black blue brown cyanober green orange pink purple red white yellow

black blue brown cyanober green orange pink purple red white yellow

Last Week…

redorangeyellowgreenbluepinkpurple       cotton candy reversd cotton candy emo opposite pink n purple punk rock

Sexeh Asian Unicorn

Yeah, here’s what I put up on Kaire’s site where I work….

Well my friends, I have some ideas!!! Woot! Throw a party!(jk, ur parents will probably kill you if you do)First one of them is……..Glasses! So I edited these two heads right here. The one on the leftmost is super special because those pigtails used to be buns and editing that took me awhile. The one on the right, I just slapped some glasses on and recolored the hair and eyes. The others were recolors + the glasses.

Do NOT set transparency!

Uploading Rules:

1. Do NOT claim as yours
2. Give credit to the original owner
3. Give credit to me too for edit
4. Refer them to this site! PLEASE!*

* I asked nicely.

ipink bun to pigtail Fun Coco-headblackemoblackblond brown green orange pink purple

Credits (left to right):

~ iPink

~ Latte

~ Xavier

~ Ray Frappe

~ Sophie (last 7)

P.S. I’m gonna start putting the mini terms of use, whether to click set transparency or not, and my name (in the title) on my posts now. Yesh, I am asian. I’m filipino.

~ Da sexeh asian unicorn Kimi (

So lazy…

I’m too lazy to come up with another blog post paragraph thinger so I’m just gonna use the one I put on

Also, I have removed the Fashion page. Idc. Maybe I’ll put up a heads and a bodies page during spring break. Idk.

I have decided to not continue my sexy original. It’s taking way too much time to make with all those fishnets. But if one of ya’ll still wants it and plans to upload it, shoot me a pm or email or comment. Btw, I’m on zone now. So to make it up to you, I did some recoloring editing.

emo  pigtails two face

Original creds from left to right:

Ray Frappe(,

2nd one found on graal depot,

Nerdy & Abby(

I have also decided to give you the customs I was gonna upload, but then I was like “Nah, it aint sexy enough for this unicorn”. And yes, I am a unicorn, and you are my peasant ducks……..jk. You guyz are my pillow pets. XD

Dark Coco-body Dark Coco-head

Original creds to Latte(


Love is in the air…get your gas masks on

XD Well, anyways here’s my Qpid collection! On another note, I promise promise promise to update the fashion page on THURSDAY!! I’m going to Palm Springs on Friday so you probably won’t see much from me this coming week. Just a secret though, I aint allowed to play Graal. O.o Which means I make these heads/bodies in secret. So let’s keep that on the hush hush k?
On a happier note though, I may be able to put my sexy original up soon. Fingers crossed! Peace.
Original creds to Latte! (You may now save and upload :D Sorry for the inconvenience)

good angel sexy angel 1

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