omg im posting likee hi lol – Harii

okay so hi! its a miracle that im posting omg im back bbyss im back from the deaddd

i havent contacted Kimi in a longg time :c 


okay so moving on i got some headssss!

ill be posting some bodehs next week maybe

dont set transparency owo

idk who edited this head i think it was Kelsey lol

butt half of the credit goes to LUCYYYY ( i love her gfx i could literally die over it )

okie imma go curl up in a ball and cry about Philippines and Japan :c

just to let you know the heads come in two different colors ~Goth & Neon~ 

okie bai bbys



~ Hikareh

Ok haha Hi (Kimi)

Okie doke. Quick posts from here on out cuz schools a pain in the butt >.<. Yeah, i dont get on my pc much anymore. Probably won’t be able to make once a week. Sorry about the super lateness. 0~0 Ok hahahaha bai.

Original creds to their original makers + creds to me for edit

tye-n-dye with astarte aqa tye-n-dye with astarteblnd tye-n-dye with astartebrwn tye-n-dye with astartegrn tye-n-dye with astarte